Drone Detection Solutions and Drone Intervention Solutions

Drone Detection Sys (Suisse) S.A. is a Swiss system integrator based in Geneva, Switzerland specialized in new civilian C-UAS technologies, countering drones technologies for customers from both public and private sectors.

What makes us a unique partner to secure the airspace above your sensitive infrastructure or outdoor events from rogue and unauthorized drones?

The company has an experience of more than seven years in civilian drone in advanced R&D in urban canyons, as a service provider, training and consulting for civilian missions through its sister company. This deep experience represents a strong asset to fully understand all technical and legal requirements of such technologies in order to better advise, sell and implement countering drone technologies in cities, urban environments.

Drone Detection and Identification Phase

We are pleased to partnering cutting the edge C-UAS technologies designers such as Dedrone to provide their mutli-sensors plateform, the DroneTracker for the core solution as well as IP cams of Axis and radars* of Robin Radar.

We provie and implement systems to monitor and detect all types of drone traffic - authorised or unauthorised and protect and prevent threats from both accidental or unlawful misuse of drones (RPAS, UAS).

Drone Detection Sys provides such solutions* for all strategic sites or institutions which need to protect their 3rd dimension :

Drone Detection Sys does not sell a one-size-fits-all solution but focuses on analysing your specific needs in order to propose the most suitable solution taking into account your needs, your specific environment and the unique constraints around where the solution needs to be implemented.

You can contact us for your enquiries and to set up a meeting at contact[at]drone-detection-sys.com or to call us directly at : +41 79 544 48 37 (Zurich Time)

*transmitting modules such radars and jammers are strictly regulated by Communications authorities. Such modules can only be acquired and used by governments bodies under very strict conditions defined by Communications authorities. Regulations regarding those transmitting modules differ from a country to another.